Product & Agile Coaching

You've got a team of coaches and you're looking for someone that has "been there" to bounce your ideas and issues off of.  Let's set up a few hours a week and dig into the nitty gritty together. 

Product Taxonomy Design

You're shifting from Project to Product and reorganizing has you overwhelmed.  Get some help in order to ensure you don't create unnecessary dependencies across your organization. 

Product Discovery Workshops

Your Product Owners are recovering Business Analysts, your Scrum Masters are former Project Managers, and your leaders aren't Product professionals. Learn new skills while delivering business outcomes. 

Public Speaking

You're looking for a speaker that can share engaging, real-life, examples of Agile & Product Transformation at scale - the good, the bad, and the ugly - all with a sense of a humor. 

OKR Consulting

You're attempting to shift toward an outcomes-based mindset, but struggling to make it stick.  Get some practical guidance from someones that's done it. 

Transformation Strategy

All the cool kids are changing how they work.  You know that you need to head in that direction, but you're not sure how to structure your transformation effort. We can help.