Product Definition


 "Pete has been instrumental in bringing my nonprofit idea from a vision to, now, celebrating our first year in existence. Our work over the past year has been to create strategy around the development of my startup. Our first year would not have been as successful without my work with Pete. He is down to earth, funny, and easy to work with. He is knowledgeable and good at what he does. I’m so thankful!"

Alfonso Mayfield

Founder & CEO at SAFE

Coaching & Teaching


  "I've seen Pete develop and facilitate workshops that very effectively teach and give teams practice at product-centric process. I've seen Pete help many teams grow and improve there.  It's easy to recommend Pete for anything that involves building and leading a product community, especially in challenging conditions. Pete's understanding of how product-centric thinking drives better ways of working is as strong as it gets."

Jeff Patton

Author, Product Builder, & Coach

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Large-Scale Change


 "Pete is one of the most effective, passionate and driven change agents I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His deep product expertise and agile mindset were critical for the adoption and success of Product not just at our company but also in the industry. He is very open to feedback and a high caliber coach. I highly recommend Pete for any leadership position in a company ripe for change."

Stacie Peterson

SVP, Agile Enablement, US Bank